Carbide pins for minimal traction

The hind pattern as shown has been set with 9/64” carbide pins for minimal traction, the shoe has been drilled and tapped at the heels, one hole is filled with a stud and the other has “Splugs” inserted to keep debris out. This set up is used by me on the driving horse that I shoe, it allows the horse owner to adjust traction as needed, but maintains safe footing by way of the pins. Adding a R. Steele urethane rim pad makes this an excellent winter shoe set up. The horse can be left shod, ready for snow and ice and additional traction can be added if the weather and ground conditions change. Available from R. Steele Horseshoes Unlimited, 521 Main Rd., Gill, MA 01354, Tel# 1-800-356-7776, www,

CP (creased plate) style from RayGuang

’The CP (creased plate) style from RayGuang is also available in sizes 00 thru 2 front and hind patterns and features all that you expect from our shoes. Finished heels, sole relief and an extended crease at the 1st nail hole making the use of a crease nail puller easier if needed. The CP version is also available in a wedged shoe in the front clipped style. The CPC shoe shown has a plastic stabilizer plate attached, allowing extra support to the hoof structure if needed. Unlike aluminum versions of a stabilizing plate, this tough plastic retains it shape and can be nailed thru without pre-drilling. The plastic versus the aluminum eliminates questions about hoof reaction to metal.

Leather/plastic combination pad

image002Pictured is the new leather/plastic combination pad available from R. Steele dba Hoseshoes Unlimited. This pad incorporates a plastic wedge molded over a leather pad. The features of this pad is that it allows leather to be placed next to the hoof, while supplying and maintaining a wedge through the shoeing cycle even after repeated trips into the wash rack. The pad is a total thickness of 1/8” inch at the toe and available with either a 3/8” or ½” heel height. The combination of leather and the polymer used provides a good cushion while still maintaining the ability to keep tight clenches. This pad is available in a #6 size. Other sizes of flat leather/plastic pads including double nail pads are also available.

RayGuang front and hind WRC II clipped steel horseshoe

image006R.Steele dba Horseshoes offers farriers and horse owners several new product and shoeing options. Pictured is the RayGuang front and hind WRC II clipped steel horseshoe (avail in sizes 00 thru 5) This shoe style offers a wide web shoe with built in sole relief and lightly safed heels. The true beauty of this shoe is the half oval section with a rim, with a blunted toe in front and hind patterns, allowing for easier breakover. The front pattern is shown studded with R. Steele H11 and H13 drive studs with an Unlimited Sno oval bubble pad. The H series stud requires the use of a H drill bit. The H bit is slightly larger than the 17/64” bit required by other drive studs. The larger size provides a little more strength but more importantly allows the farrier to use the H series stud in holes that may have been misdrilled or do not hold the P or D sized drive studs.